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Medicare Match – Medicare Part D Plan Comparison & Selection Solutions

Help your patients find Medicare plans that are beneficial to them and your pharmacy.

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The Proven, Most Comprehensive Way to Help Your Patients Explore and Choose the Best Medicare Part D Plans

EnlivenHealth’s Medicare Match is the industry-leading Medicare plan finder solution that empowers pharmacies to strengthen their patient relationships while expanding revenue growth opportunities. With Medicare Match, your pharmacists can efficiently support patients in choosing the Medicare plan that’s the perfect match for their healthcare needs and financial requirements. The result is a true win-win for your patients and your pharmacy’s bottom-line.

Up to $0

in patient savings generated in one pharmacy using Medicare Match


per Medicare patient profit increase for select opportunities


of soon-to-be eligible seniors say they need help choosing Medicare plans

EnlivenHealth® Medicare Match

Medicare Match is a comprehensive suite of Medicare plan comparison and selection solutions that enables pharmacies to help Medicare-eligible patients navigate one of the most consequential and stressful events in their lives: choosing the right Medicare plan. Medicare Match features a suite of tools and solutions that enables pharmacies to identify patients who could most benefit from this service, communicate efficiently with them, and provide helpful online/offline educational assets that empower patients to choose the best plan for their needs.

Medicare Match offers the ultimate flexibility so you can decide which solution is best for your pharmacy staff and patients. For example, you may choose from options that empower patients to find a plan on their own or ones that require only minimal involvement from your staff.

Match Plan Finder Platform

Our robust, CMS approved plan finder platform enables pharmacies to deliver a successful plan comparison service

Win-Win Targeted Analysis & Reporting

Insightful analysis & reporting identifies patients who stand to benefit the most, optimizes campaign effectiveness and maximizes pharmacy revenue

Win-Win Messaging

Targets patients with plan changes that take them out of network and provides them with plan options and savings opportunities via NavigateMyCare

Medicare Messaging

Allows your pharmacy to initiate a personalized campaign via mobile app, voice, or SMS text to alert individuals to a Medicare plan opportunity and provides a link to the

Our patient-focused plan finder portal empowers patients to find the ‘perfect match’ plan on their own

Medicare Match from EnlivenHealth® helps you to:

  • Expand your services to deliver Medicare plan comparison and selection support to attract high-value patients
  • Empower your patients to compare Medicare plans from the comfort of their own home
  • Mitigate DIR fees for your pharmacy by identifying plans with lower (or even zero) DIR fees. Medicare Match shows your patients their out-of-pocket costs for every plan and displays DIR fee estimates
  • Compare plans using out-of-pocket costs specific to your pharmacy and your patients' medications
  • Deliver Medicare plan comparisons with minimal involvement from your staff

Patients are 30% more likely to stay with a pharmacy that performs a plan comparison for them.

Key benefits of Medicare Match from EnlivenHealth® include:

  • Grow Your Pharmacy Business – Transform your pharmacy’s clinical practices and business results to grow and thrive in this new era of digital-driven healthcare
  • Increase Medication Adherence – When offered affordable drug alternatives with lower out-of-pocket costs, patients are more likely to remain adherent to their prescribed medications
  • Build Patient Relationships – Empowers pharmacies to strengthen, expand and retain their high-value patient relationship
  • Enhance Care – Proactively manage the health and wellbeing of high-value patient populations
  • Decrease DIR Fees - Medicare Match shows your patients their out-of-pocket costs for every plan and displays DIR fee estimates
  • Increase Revenue – Medicare Match draws newly eligible patients to your pharmacy and keeps them there when you offer a plan comparison service

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The Fastest, Most Proven Way to Help You Help Your Patients Find the Best Medicare Part D Plans

Medicare Match is a powerful solution that helps to keep your patients healthy, improves medication adherence and quality ratings, and strengthens patient satisfaction and retention.

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