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The story of iMedicare from the beginning
of 2012.

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iMedicare started in January of 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matthew Johnson was finishing his PharmD at Wingate University and doing rotations at many independent pharmacies in the area. Medicare Part D choices confused many patients and pharmacies and, given his background programming from an early age, he wanted to do something about it.


Matthew teamed up with his friend Flaviu Simihaian, whom he had met at the Charlotte Python Meetup. To their surprise, the programming of an iPad-only application that simplifies Medicare Part D took nearly a year. They were accepted in Charlotte's first tech startup accelerator, RevTech Labs at Packard Place, which generally provided them with an office space, mentorship and advisors.

iMedicare signed on their first customer, Pike's Pharmacy, in the late summer of 2012. They then exhibited at the Democratic National Convention in the fall of 2012, where the New York based health-IT accelerator, Blueprint Health, took notice of them. After a fall reaching over 20 paying customers, iMedicare joined the Blueprint Health accelerator in New York in January of 2013. Blueprint Health continued to provide the mentorship and resources needed to grow the young company, and in April 2013, they graduated, raised a seed round of capital, and made their first hires to scale the company. 2013 would prove to be a pivotal year during which iMedicare grew from 20 to 1,000 pharmacy customers, and attend dozens of pharmacy conferences.

In 2014, the team continued to grow with some fabulous additions on the tech and customer happiness teams. Moreover, key partnerships in the industry, such as the Federation of Pharmacy Networks, NCPA, and Healthmart helped grow the customer base to over 3,000.

Now, the team is looking to help more independent pharmacies in more ways. The industry has many bullies taking advantage of the smaller pharmacies helping patients every day, and iMedicare seeks to leverage its customer base to fight these industry bullies and help independent pharmacies thrive.

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iMedicare services over 5,000 pharmacies across the US, helping them efficiently retain and manage their Medicare patients. The company aims to help small-time business owners retain their customers and adapt to and utilize new technologies in order to stay successful—iMedicare's platform is available for use on any iPad, tablet, or computer through the iMedicare web app.

Laura Liebers
Customer Happiness Manager
Laura spends the day managing a number of iMedicare's accounts. She works with clients—typically small, independent pharmacies—to ensure that they’re getting what they need. Laura sets up accounts for new customers, provides training on the software, and checks in regularly with pharmacies to make sure they’re using iMedicare to its fullest potential.
Marvin Guardado
Profit Coach
For Marvin, his daily action occurs on the phone. Marvin listens to pharmacists describe their issues when dealing with insurance companies and patients. He offers demonstrations of the iMedicare platform and showcases how it can help them with some of those concerns—ultimately getting them on board to use iMedicare's software.
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