Medicare Open Enrollment is here. Who is your software partner? 3 reasons why it should be iMedicare


iMedicare is the only one tool that calculates the DIR impact of each patient. We calculate all the performance measurements and DIR percentages and fees to give you an edge. To learn more about this, email us at, or attend our webinars. Register here.


iMedicare is the only tool that detects the patient’s current plan. This is critical for Open Enrollment. Every plan option must be compared to the patient’s existing plan, so by knowing the current plan, you can confidently help each patient.

Because of this, iMedicare is the only tool that proactively identifies patients whose premiums will go up next year, or patients whose plan will push them to mail order. So you can focus on helping the patients who need you the most in Open Enrollment.

Many pharmacy systems have iMedicare integrated seamlessly so you can generate this comparison for the right patient at the point of fill. No need to remember which patient needs a plan comparison.


Let’s say your PSAO drops the ball and you want to switch to one of our preferred PSAO partners: Access Health, Arete, LeaderNet, or Pharmacy First. Just let us know with an email to How will the networks be updated? By the time NCPDP and receive the data, it will be December. iMedicare customizes your networks to your new PSAO so that your patients can have the most accurate plan comparison today.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. iMedicare helps 5,200 pharmacies compare plans, and have proved to them a worthy partner, not just an insurance broker.

Extra Tip: Did you know iMedicare can schedule phone call campaigns to your patients? In your own voice too! You can record a message for Open Enrollment, and send it with just 1 click.

To learn more call us at 704.769.0540 or email us at