Last week Caremark released their first-trimester Performance Score Report. Several pharmacies noticed and reported inconsistencies in their reimbursements.

When questioned, the Caremark representatives realized that there was an error in the reports and pharmacies were asked to disregard these reports, as the correct ones were to be uploaded in the near future.

These kinds of “errors” are frequently overlooked, resulting in even greater clawbacks and narrowing margins. This error demonstrates one can never be too careful while reviewing these documents.

Inaccurate DIR fees, underwater claims, and new opt-out contracts reinforce the fact that independent pharmacies need to join together and work to make things better for themselves.

A first step in this direction has already been made with the initiative to create an independent Part D plan. There are also other ways to stay proactive, such as carefully reviewing all new direct contracts, and discussing them with your peers to better understand the options. The iMedicare Forum gives you the space for this kind of discussion.