iMedicare-patient-savings-2016-949c32.pngToday, iMedicare announced its total savings to Medicare beneficiaries in 2016. Last year, 315,398 patients visiting over 5,000 pharmacies using the plan comparison software saved an average of $1,150 on the cost of their prescriptions– a collective savings of $363 million.

The iMedicare platform enables pharmacies to identify patients with the greatest opportunities for savings based on available Medicare plan options and current medications. Pharmacies can automatically reach out via phone, text message, email, or in person to conduct a personalized iMedicare consultation, catered to patient-specific medication needs, costs, and plan pharmacy networks.

“In 2016, we crossed a new frontier at iMedicare, as we began using machine learning to help our customers identify opportunities proactively,” says Flaviu Simihaian, CEO of iMedicare. “We are already off to a great start in 2017, using data-driven insights to triple our customers’ return on investment.”