6 ways iMedicare can increase your bottom line with the touch of a button. Both during and outside Open Enrollment.

1. Upcoming & Newly Eligible Patients

Upcoming and Newly Eligible patients are new to Medicare. You can take advantage of iMedicare’s custom reports to make sure these patients sign up for a good plan for both you and them.

​​Upcoming Eligible patients are within three months of being able to sign up.

Newly Eligible patients are currently in their seven-month window to sign up.

New Medicare patients will be marketed to aggressively by brokers and individual insurance companies and you run the risk of them leaving your pharmacy for other promises. Start reaching out now, and lessen the chance of your patients taking their business elsewhere!

Learn about iMedicare’s Reach Out features here!

2. Dual Eligible Patients

Dual eligible patients can change plans up to once per month. iMedicare automatically identifies a large portion of your dual eligible patients in the Dual Eligible opportunity report!

Analyzing each dual eligible patient’s plan options you can see if there is a new plan that is both cheaper for the patient and also increases your pharmacy’s reimbursements.


1. Pharmacy View will allow you to see how the plan will affect your pharmacy.

2. Annual Full Cost equals the total of insurance reimbursements and patient copays for the year.

3. DIR fees are the fees insurance companies take out of your reimbursement per medication.

Learn more about Dual Eligible Opportunities here!

3. Nutrient Depletion Opportunities

The new, premium Nutrient Depletion Opportunity Report provides you with a list of patients that are currently taking medications that are known to deplete vital nutrients.


We automatically identify these opportunities for you! Simply Reach Out to these patients. Improve their health and increase your profits.

Upgrade in-app or by calling (704) 769-0540 x3 today!

Learn more about the Nutrient Depletion report here!

4. Potential Winbacks

Potential Winbacks are automatically identified in iMedicare. These patients have not filled a prescription at your pharmacy in the last four months.

Some of the reasons why patients have not filled include:

Simply switched to another pharmacy

Signed up for a plan that is more expensive at your pharmacy

Signed up for a plan your pharmacy does not accept

Received a misleading notification urging them to fill at another pharmacy

Moved out of the area

Patients that receive a plan comparison through iMedicare have a 94% retention rate compared to 71% without the plan comparison.

Reach Out to all your potential win-backs and get them back filling at your pharmacy!

5. Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment occurs every year from October 15th - December 7th. Here’s what you should know to be prepared on October 15th:

All Medicare-eligible patients may switch plans.

Make sure your current patients are on plans that are affordable for them and also profitable for your pharmacy.

Reach out to new or past patients to get them signed up for a good plan so they start filling in your pharmacy. Start getting ready now!

Learn about iMedicare’s Reach Out features here!

6. Marketing Materials

iMedicare provides you with free, downloadable Marketing Materials to promote the services you invested in.

The average patient saves $1,150 by comparing plans every year. You now have this incredibly easy tool to save those patients money. Let them know you have it! Start using iMedicare Marketing Materials and become the one-stop-shop for your community’s Medicare D needs.

Here are a few other ideas to market your iMedicare services:

Put a short blurb in your local churches’ bulletins.

Contract with local senior centers or community homes to provide plan comparisons.

Have a ‘Medicare Day’ during Open Enrollment .

Download Marketing Materials now!