iMedicare, the leading decision automation platform for pharmacies, and American Associated Pharmacies (AAP), a member-owned cooperative of over 2,200 independent pharmacies, have announced their partnership to integrate patient counseling opportunities into the workflow of thousands of community pharmacies.

Acknowledging the growing Medicare population and the barriers independent pharmacies face regarding the management of their Medicare business, iMedicare looks to align with partners who can broaden the reach of its innovative software designed to help patients manage Medicare options, while simultaneously increasing pharmacy profitability.

“In today’s landscape ridden with DIR fees and reimbursements below cost, iMedicare is committed to transparency for every pharmacy and their patients. The partnership with AAP will enable over 2,200 pharmacies to benefit from tools that help lower their DIR fees, increase their Star Ratings and help patients save thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs,” said Flaviu Simihaian, CEO of iMedicare.

“AAP is focused on providing our members the tools and resources necessary to not only succeed in a competitive healthcare market but also improve the quality of care for the patients they serve,” said Jon Copeland, CEO of AAP. “Our preferred partnership with iMedicare enables our members’ patients to fully leverage iMedicare’s software for elevated visibility and insight into making informed decisions regarding their Medicare options.”

About iMedicare:

iMedicare is the leading decision-automation platform that intelligently reduces patients’ out-of-pocket costs for the top pharmacies across the country. Over 5,000 pharmacies use iMedicare to deliver an unrivaled service to their patients, improve Star Ratings, and increase their bottom line. For more information, visit www.imedicare.com.

About American Associated Pharmacies (AAP):

American Associated Pharmacies (AAP) is a member-owned cooperative representing over 2,200 independent pharmacies—providing owners an opportunity to buy like a larger chain. As a unified voice in an ever-changing environment, AAP designs and implements programs to provide its pharmacies the enhanced tools needed to operate a highly successful business.