iMedicare, the leading Medicare platform for community pharmacies and their patients, announced the expansion of their partnership with PioneerRx, a leading pharmacy management software system providing pharmacies with high quality, cutting edge solutions.

Through this expansion, pharmacies will benefit from a notification system that identifies actionable Medicare patients within the PioneerRx pharmacy management system. Both companies prioritize improving efficiency and providing seamless integration for pharmacies’ demanding workflow.

“We at PioneerRx believe in bringing cutting edge solutions to increase each pharmacy’s bottom line. This is why we’ve partnered with iMedicare to bring more intelligent, actionable notifications that drive profit,” said Jeff Key, President at PioneerRx Pharmacy Software.

The integration is designed to help pharmacies successfully manage their Medicare patients who will benefit most from a pharmacist’s intervention.

“We are excited to work with PioneerRx to help their pharmacies take a more active role in helping their Medicare patients” said Flaviu Simihaian, CEO of iMedicare. “We have seen that providing a consultation to a patient at the right time greatly increases patient satisfaction and loyalty.”

About PioneerRx Pharmacy Software Developed with the experience of over 35 years of pharmacy software development and support, PioneerRx was built from scratch to provide the pharmacy community with a solution that can grow as the industry changes for the next 35 years and beyond. PioneerRx delivers weekly improvements and cutting edge features that are designed to provide speed, simplicity, consistency and flexibility, however, their ultimate goal of development is to help pharmacies make more money.