iMedicare, the leading Medicare platform for community pharmacies, announced today that it received the Silver Award for the best visual identity from the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector at Transform Awards North America in 2015.

iMedicare worked with Storience, a cutting edge branding agency in London, to transform their brand and visual identity. “Pharmaceutical and healthcare brands are rather conservative,” says Stefan Liute, Strategy Director at Storience. “But we had a brave client, who realized they needed to fight a different fight–not only in business, but also in branding and marketing. So we rebuilt the iMedicare brand around the David vs. Goliath metaphor. It now speaks persuasively about the fight of community pharmacies against the complexity of the American healthcare system. The story resonates with our client’s audience in a way that the old brand couldn’t.”

“Storience truly opened our eyes to what it means to create a visual identity, and to align our business goals and strategy with our visual design,” says Flaviu Simihaian, CEO of iMedicare. “The response from our customers is tremendously positive; making this change was one of the best decisions we have ever made. We look forward to growing and expanding this identity in the years to come.”