About 64,000 Missourians will lose coverage at the end of June.

Missouri Rx, the state prescription program put in place in 2014 to provide financial assistance for low-income seniors, is set to expire on June 30 and has not been reauthorized by the Missouri General Assembly. Letters were sent to beneficiaries earlier this month announcing the change. MORx has previously been paying up to 50% of the cost on all covered medications. The reduction in coverage is expected to save the state $15,000,000.

Who is affected?

People who are just above the Medicaid threshold are those who will be most hit by this change. As of 2017, a single individual must have an annual income below $21,660 and a married couple must have an annual income under $29,140. Dual eligible patients are NOT affected.

What can you do?

These 64,000 beneficiaries will be eligible for a special enrollment period for Medicare Part D plans in July and August. Patients will need to save the letters from MORx as proof of the special enrollment eligibility. The MORx BIN/PCN is 004047/P021011511. Once you have identified the affected patients in iMedicare, let them know that you will find the best plan for their specific drug needs.