nutrient-depletion-imedicare-a784ee.pngiMedicare just released a nutrient depletion tool that allows pharmacies to increase profits outside of Open Enrollment more than ever before. And without billing third parties. Without DIR fees. Using this tool, pharmacies can give the best nutrition counseling to patients, tailored to each patient’s medications and history.

Outside of Open Enrollment, there are many opportunities within iMedicare: Star Ratings opportunities, patients turning 65, Medicare/Medicaid patients with year-round opportunities, and a quick formulary lookup tool to find coverage and reimbursements for any drug or Medicare plan.

Together with our pharmacy advisory board, our iMedicare cofounder and Pharm.D. Matthew Johnson took all the available information on nutrient depletion, analyzed it, and improved it. And now we’ve officially launched the first Nutrient Depletion platform that enables pharmacies across the country to succeed with nutrition counseling.

Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion causes many patients harm and community pharmacies can differentiate themselves by providing this unique and much-needed service. By identifying the drugs the patient is taking, iMedicare intelligently matches the appropriate nutritional supplement for that patient. From CoQ10 for Statin side-effects to pharmacy vitamins such as Vitamin B12, and many more.

Whit Moose, pharmacist and owner of Moose Pharmacy in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, one of the early adopters of drug-induced nutrient depletion, will hold a webinar explaining the best practices for pharmacies looking to expand in this area.

Click here to Register for the Nutrient Depletion Webinar from Moose Pharmacy

Supplements often have a much higher profit margin than regular prescriptions. And without billing third parties.

By identifying patients depleted of specific nutrients based on their drug profile, iMedicare can help you target the right communication to the right patient to increase your profit margin and add more revenue streams. Contact us more for information or register for the webinar above.