Recently, we caught up with Lynn Hostetler to chat about how they use iMedicare at Lynn’s Pharmacy.

1) Lynn, can you give us a specific example of a time when iMedicare helped you help a patient?

We saved one individual $20,000 + by changing his plan. Yeah – I couldn’t believe it. The patient was on two or three different kinds of insulin or insulin analog with very high doses, so it was all in the copays. I even ran it twice to make sure everything was right.

The insurance company he had was just charging really high prices because they didn’t want to pay for the insulin. It was all covered, but on a high tier with a high copay. So I helped him change from one insurance company to another.

He’s just a good, nice customer. He’s a nice guy. He likes us, and we like him. It’s nice when it feels like friends taking care of friends.

We’ve saved $1,000 to $3,000 for several people. More so this year than any previously, I’ve been able to help patients save money.

2) How do you do all this? What are some tips and tricks you can share with fellow pharmacists?

One thing I like to do is make reports. I use my pharmacy system to filter out the patients enrolled in plans I won’t be able to fill soon. Then we just took appointments, or called patients and told them to come in.

We were basically trying to keep patients, and this has been the side-effect. We’re saving patients a ton of money.

You save someone $800 dollars or a few thousand for some patients, and they’re going to remember you. I always close up and let them know “We both won on this. You’re saving a bunch of money, and I get to keep you as a customer, and you get to stay here.” I rarely lose any patients.

3) How does iMedicare help you accomplish your goals?

Well, I think every pharmacist ought to be using iMedicare. Seriously. It pays for itself. See, I got to keep a bunch of customers I would have lost. That’s worth the cost right there.

And being able to see the different margins with plans helps. And then, the word-of-mouth having people talk about you in the community in a favorable way is great too. You can’t buy $1,500 worth of advertising that good.

And you keep improving. It’s greater than I expect every time I look at it. It’s really amazing how sharp you are. They make things non-transparent, and we’ve got people who are very intelligent trying to put all this together on their own. And things that take hours and hours and hours, you have it in seconds.

Thanks so much, Lynn! For more information about how iMedicare can benefit your pharmacy, click “Learn more” at the top right of this screen.