One aspect that makes iMedicare so great is our Customer Happiness Team. They are your advocates, and are happy to answer any question about iMedicare you may have. The Happiness Team is your go to contact for integrating iMedicare into your workflow.

Looking at the statistics from last year’s Open Enrollment, we found that a common trend was that some pharmacies only helped 5% of their total Medicare Eligible patients. Even with these low numbers, pharmacies still secured great ROIs and saved thousands of dollars for patients in their communities. However, we here at iMedicare want you to maximize your ROIs to the fullest potential, all year round!

The Happiness Team has heard from hundreds of successful pharmacies who have increased their usage of iMedicare in the past year. Here are some great tips from them on how to integrate iMedicare into your workflow:

1) Don’t forget about your customers who are newly eligible to Medicare! Patients have a 7-month window to enroll in a Medicare part D plan. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, patients have three months before their 65th birthday, the entire month of their birthday, and three months after to enroll in a plan. Schedule several hours a month for a staff member to send out newly eligible letters or call patients on our Newly Eligible List in the ‘Opportunities Tab’. Reports of newly and upcoming eligible patients can now be easily downloaded and printed!

Do you have a tech or cashier who calls patients to remind them to pick up their prescriptions that have been filled weeks ago? Perhaps this person can also schedule time out of their workday to call newly eligible Part D patients. Or if you use an automated system for pickup reminders, check if the system allows you to add custom phone calls for newly eligible patients as well. We have a sample automated phone message on our marketing page that you can download.

2) Consider designating certain blocks of time for you or your staff to do plan comparison appointments on afternoons when it tends to be slower. Some pharmacies may find Saturday afternoons are a good time to schedule appointments. If the patient prefers, a pharmacist or tech can certainly print out a comparison, and leave it in a sealed envelope for the patient to pick up. Many pharmacists run a quick plan comparison before a patient visits to pick up their medication.


3) Don’t count out Dual Eligible Patients! A patient who receives Extra Help or is eligible for Medicare and Medicaid can switch their plans at any time during the year- not just during Open Enrollment. We now have letters that you can print out and send out to your Dual Eligible patients.

4) Consider using iMedicare in conjunction with MTM when working with statin patients. Discuss their Medicare plans with them when they come in. Their doctors are also a great resource for you to reach out to! We suggest mailing our Statin Letters to their doctors. This may increase referrals from doctors, helping you gain more new customers- not to mention potentially increasing your CMS star rating.

5) The personal touch matters! Most Medicare patients do not realize what plan they are enrolled in. Furthermore, Dual Eligible patients are often unaware that they’ve automatically been enrolled in a Medicare plan. Many pharmacists have noticed when speaking to patients that it’s too time-consuming and rather confusing for them to re-enroll on their own. Sometimes simply talking to them when they pick up their prescriptions does the trick. If you know of adult children who are picking up prescriptions for their Medicare eligible parents, you can ask them about what Medicare plans their parents are on, and offer to run a plan comparison for them.

6) Don’t be afraid to follow up! Patients won’t be upset by you trying to save them money on their medications with a free consultation, especially patients with chronic illnesses. Often the most common reason why they’re unable to talk about their Medicare plans on your first attempt at reaching out to them is simply because it is an inconvenient time for them to discuss it. You can revisit the conversation the next time they come in to fill a prescription. If you have patient’s email address, you can also use it to reach out to them by using our email template.

7) We now have newly eligible postcards under the ‘marketing materials’ section of our site that you can send out to patients. Aside from wishing them a happy birthday, the postcards are a brief, friendly reminder about their upcoming eligibility status. If you would like more iMedicare marketing materials, such as bag stuffers and brochures, you can send us a request by visiting us here.

Again, these are all tips compiled by our Happiness Team from successful pharmacies who have fully integrated iMedicare into their workflow with great results. Feel free to reach out for more details. The Customer Happiness Team is here to answer any questions or set up additional training sessions for you or members of your staff. We’re here to help you get the most out of iMedicare.

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