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Compare Medicare
Plans in Seconds

By integrating with every pharmacy system, you have all of the medications and information loaded for each patient.

This saves you hours of entering information and identifies new revenue opportunities.

Integrated Pharamacy Systems

Compare Medicare Plans

Avoid Preferred
Closed Networks

View plans in your network as well as which plans your pharmacy is preferred on. Moreover, you can now see which Medicare plans have been reported to send letters or make phone calls to patients pressuring them to go to other pharmacies or to mail-order.

Identify win-win opportunities to save patients an average of $1,150/year.
Avoid Closed Networks

Demystify PBM

See which plans pay you more for specific medications on specific plans and identify opportunities to make more money. It even calculates your DIR fees. Don’t forget Medicare or Medicaid patients can change plans any time during the year.

DIR Fees represent the amount PBMs charge you on the remittance on certain plans.
Increase Reimbursements

View therapeutic
alternatives on formulary

It’s time to stop calling insurance to check what’s covered. iMedicare shows drug alternatives on every formulary, with their coverage tier and copay, as well as reimbursement for each alternative.

Now you can give the doctor options that are cost effective for the patient without ever calling the insurance company. You can even see if a new drug will put them in the donut hole sooner.

Therapeutic Alternatives

Gain more Medicare
Business with iMedicare

You get a monthly report of patients turning 65 so you can help them navigate Medicare Part D before losing them to preferred networks. In 2016, the average patient saved $1,150 when the pharmacy helped them with their Part D plan comparisons using iMedicare.

Patients become your advocates in the community by spreading the word about the great service your pharmacy is offering.

We send you free digital and printed marketing materials to attract more Medicare patients.
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