Brian Freeman

The return on investment we get
from iMedicare is over 10 to 20 times
what we spend on it every year.

Cannon Pharmacy (6 stores)
Kannapolis, NC
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I increased my bottom line $200k last year and I owe that solely to iMedicare. They are in the independent pharmacy’s corner.

Robert Hinkle, owner
Johnsons Pharmacy

We started using the iMedicare program at one of our other locations and it is absolutely amazing! Our customers think that we are the best for helping themto make an informed decision about their health care plan for the coming year.

Michelle Williams, Owner
The Pillbox Pharmacy, Alexandria, LA

I want to say thank you for developing this Medicare App. When patients would come in and ask about a new part D plan it was always painful and daunting... I was always concerned about if this was going to be a win win for us. Today with the iMedicare app I feel confident in my approach to help my patients. It is simple and patients enjoy the fact I have a tool to help them with their decisions. I see this building a relationship with my patients.

Scott Stanley, Owner
Stanley Pharmacy, Searcy, AR

I love it. It has saved me hours...Just the speed alone is worth the investment. The website is so slow but iMedicare is amazingly fast which saves a pharmacist much time spent waiting for responses over the internet. Well Done.

Jesse Pike, Owner
Pike's Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

It's the best Pharmacy software tool I've ever seen.

Donald Wentzel, Owner
CallUsFirstRPh, Monticello, KY

Sheila Webb
Schulz & Wroten Pharmacy

I used iMedicare on hundreds of patients last fall. Once word got out I was gaining new patients every day.

John Hyer, Pharmacist
King's Pharmacy, Murphy, NC

Maria Contreras
Coats Pharmacy, Coats, NC

iMedicare is the greatest thing ever. It works wonders for my patients and every pharmacy should use it.

Thomas Cory, Standard Pharmacy
President of the MIPA, Fall River, MA

Joe Cain
Pharmacist, Texas

iMedicare generates awesome letters for physicians regarding Star Ratings!

Tom Kelly, Owner
Medicine To Go Pharmacy, Forked River, NJ

The return on investment we get from iMedicare is over 10 to 20 times what we spend on it every year.

Brian Freeman, PharmD
Cannon Pharmacy (6 stores) Kannapolis, NC

We love it! It was so much faster and easier than the Medicare website! It saved us time and money!

Crystal McEntire, Owner
Hyland Pharmacy, Wheeler, TX

iMedicare is the Cadillac of Medicare

Michael Horner
The Medicine Shoppe in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

iMedicare is the best thing that’s happened to our pharmacy.

Deb Knudtson
Eagle Grove Pharmacy

More than 800 Health Mart Pharmacies are using the iMedicare platform to deliver Med D plan reviews. Our stores save time by using this simple software, with integrated script data. The new features, such as proactively identifying patients eligible for plan comparisons, make it even easier, said Michelle Gilliam, Director of Health Mart Marketing for McKesson. We want to help our stores assist their current patients and bring in new patients to their pharmacies. Our Health Mart training and marketing tools, along with iMedicare help them level the playing field against chains.

Michelle Gilliam, Director of Health Mart Marketing

You know, you guys, this program is awesome! It really saves us so much time and lets us help so many patients!

Greg Conz
Williamsburg Pharmacy, Williamsburg MA

I just want to tell you once again, your program is great. It’s been a life saver. It’s been simple for us to use.

Greg Conz
Williamsburg Pharmacy, Williamsburg MA

iMedicare has cut down the time it takes to to help a patient select a plan. We helped over 100 patients last Open Enrollment and we couldn’t have done that without iMedicare. All the information is right at your fingertips. We are better informed.

Mouton Pharmacy

We been with iMedicare since the beginning and we are still here.

Whit Moose
Moose Pharmacy

The people who created iMedicare are amazing. Saves us so much time and so much stress. One of the best things we have come across. We give you an A+!

Eagle Grove Pharmacy

We use iMedicare here extensively in the Fall for the signup period. Most people that we have helped changed plans for have had a significant number of savings for plans that can be accepted at our pharmacy. iMedicare has not only helped me retain my customers but also gain customers back that we lost to mail order pharmacies. It also creates a nice segway for those patients who are currently on plans who cannot switch at the moment and who complain about paying too much money. We tell them to come back during the fall so we can help them find a better option that will provide them with better service and also save them more money.

John Nord
Nord's Pharmacy & Gifts

The benefit I’ve got from this… I was swamped this year, with more patients than we’ve ever had before. More than 500 patients. […] None of the chain pharmacies around here are doing custom print outs like we can with iMedicare — they just pushed people to insurance agents. [Patients know] if you change your drugs to this pharmacy, you will benefit because [they] will be there every year to help you save as much as you can save. We gained a lot of local customers this year, people who came from chain pharmacies like Walmart and Fred’s. iMedicare can do things can’t. It’s awesome! I love iMedicare. If our pharmacy ever drops iMedicare I’m quitting, because I’ve been babied by how great it is.

Melissa Pope
Reeve's Drug Store Inc.

…Another part of our plan was to join iMedicare. This was a sweet move on our part. The information provided related to benchmark plans, whether patient has subsidy and details if LIS, ease of seeing formulary alternatives, details on current plan, marketing tools, letter templates, and the list is growing daily. This has been very, very beneficial. The ease of navigation and support from iMedicare have contributed mightily to our success to this point.

Al Roberts
The Remington Drug Company

This is our first year with iMedicare . . . The site takes you directly to the enrollment form, and in five to ten minutes, the patient’s enrollment is started. Every one of our patients have been very pleased that we could offer to do this. Would never even consider calling Medicare to do this . . . Certainly iMedicare has been a welcome addition for us and our patients.

Al Roberts
The Remington Drug Company

iMedicare is just phenomenal for my Pharmacy. Signing up was the best call I made all month!

Lisa Prestenbach, Owner
D&M Pharmacy, Thibodaux, LA

My techs and I are so excited to start using it. This changes everything and empowers us to help all the elderly that don't understand the whole thing. God bless you!

Kim Wixson, Owner
Cottonport Corner Drug, Cottonport, LA

It's a very good product. We like it for two reasons: (1). It is much easier for customers than the government website. (2). iMedicare is making insurance companies more competitive because when they know you can compare them with their competitors in less than 5 minutes, showing the doughnut hole and everything, it will force insurance companies to be more competitive.

Amina Abubakar, Owner
RxClinic Pharmacy, Charlotte, NC

We saved a lady $4,500 after she signed up with another Med D Plan from an insurance specialist. The agent used a wrong drug which inflated her cost by $4,500. Using iMedicare, we quickly imported her correct drugs and found a better plan which saved her a lot of headaches and $4,500!

Brian Caswell, Owner
Wolkar Drug, Baxter Springs, KS

We have been helping our customers with a Medicare Part D selection for a couple years now. Before we would always have to print out all the information to present it to our customers, now with iMedicare we are able to show them in multiple ways which plan might be best for them... With the new integration between PioneerRx and iMedicare, our staff time on getting the customers the information they want will be cut in half. I am really looking forward to using iMedicare this year and years to come.

Robert Nearhoof, Owner
Klein's Pharmacy, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Brad Noon
PCA Pharmacy, Louisville KY

This software could easily pay for itself by getting one person on to insurance and not having the facility pick up the charges or the resident as a private pay.

Keith Wallace, VP
Tara Pharmacy, Homewood, AL

Adkins' team also used the iMedicare App to show patients how much their medication costs would be, when they could expect to go into the donut hole, how much money they could save by switching 1-2 medications to lower-cost alternatives, and how getting added to the pharmacy's synchronization program could help them with their personal budget and overall health.
As a result, we did close to 200 MTMs and saved our patients over $200,000 this year, he said. We also caught two patients during their Medication Check-Ups who were in hypertensive emergency and were able to get them in with their primary care physician and make clinical recommendations to more efficacious anti-hypertensive regimens.

Steve Adkins, Owner
Health Park Pharmacy, Raleigh, NC

iMedicare is the best thing since Penicillin.

Andy Soileau, Pharmacist
Soileau Pharmacy, New Iberia, LA

Thanks to iMedicare, I was able to assist many patients [to] enroll in the proper Medicare-D plan tailored to their medication. This program was a huge success at my pharmacy.

Allen Cassidy, Owner
Cassidy's Pharmacy, Jennings, LA

Jesse Pike Junior, Owner
Pike's Pharmacy, Charlotte NC

I purchased one for our Hiawatha location at a great price. You can recoup the cost of the program by keeping one patient from transferring. Historically, we have not done Med-D comparisons at our other locations but we should be.

Joe Koechner, President
Hiawatha, Kansas

This is so good. I've seen this at trade shows for years... You've done quite a job with this.

Roger Renner, Owner
Roger's Pharmacy, Yankton, SD

Patients love it. Last year we saved patients $250,000 to $300,000 by helping them compare Medicare Part D plans with iMedicare

Steve Adkins
Healthpark Pharmacy, NC

The quickness, clarity of information and ease of use provided by iMedicare has allowed our pharmacy teams to confidently help their patients navigate their prescription drug plan options. With the help of iMedicare, we are now able to empower both pharmacy teams and patients with details on how plan designs can impact a patient when it comes to both cost and pharmacy choice. We are in a better position than ever before to make sure our patients remain our patients and new patients understand one of the many exceptional pharmacy services we can provide. All of this is made possible with iMedicare.

Flora Harp, Clinical Services Manager
Thrifty White Pharmacies

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the new separate year tab next to the options tab so that it is more obvious which year you are looking at. Whoever thought of that deserves something.

Michelle Ramirez
Gunn Drug, Corinth MS

Can I just tell you how much I love your product?

Diana Medrano Torres
Clarksville Drug, Clarkesville, GA

iMedicare has helped us to be more attune with our elderly and help them choose a program that’s best for them. We can get them on a program that’s more manageable, which makes them more compliant with their program because now they know what to expect when it comes to the costs of their medications.

Debbie Dendy
Bernice Pharmacy

The service you guys are rendering is really invaluable. I would say if you did a survey of my patients, I would bet around 95% of my patients are totally uninformed about anything that has to do with their insurance. They don’t have a clue. They’re coming in here looking for some pie in the sky situation. It’s almost hilarious; this part D thing is really a boondoggle for the insurance companies. Patients don’t seem to realize their income is either through your deductible, your premium or copays. They are not going to give you anything; they are going to set up a camouflage that makes you believe that’s the best thing since sliced bread until you start using it.

Peter Wolfe
Wolfe's Pharmacy

Been with iMedicare for 3 years. We absolutely love it and the patients do as well. Look forward to all the new features.

Maria Contreras
Coats Pharmacy

I love it because it helps patients show what’s out there. They don’t know much about Medicare. They feel crushed by everything through the mail and now they can come in and I can help them!

Drew Parker
Healthridge Pharmacy

Thanks for the quick responses. Just another reason why I love iMedicare!

Chris Watts
Valley Clinic Pharmacy

In a nutshell, if I had to summarize what iMedicare means to me, iMedicare represents the future of pharmacies helping Medicare patients. And in a business sense, this is something that we all must address. We have to somehow. And it is the best way out there right now to take care of your Medicare patients. We used to do everything on and every time, it took 20 minutes. The time you save using iMedicare alone pays for itself.

Mike Holcomb
Holcomb Pharmacy

iMedicare is not only a time saving tool, but it also completely revolutionizes plan comparisons for Medicare Part D. This is not your average software. Our independent pharmacy is now able to show our patients numerous ways to save, while also being able to view our own pharmacy reimbursements. iMedicare has enabled me to provide our Medicare eligible patients with a sense of security and understanding at a time when everything is so confusing and overwhelming for them. The simplified reports and monthly cost breakdowns are so much easier to interpret than the never ending stacks of mail and books that our patients sit in their homes and try to decipher. iMedicare is a must have for independent pharmacies who strive to continue quality patient care.

Melissa D. Davis, CPhT-Manager
Reeves Home Health Care

I’m learning to love this time of year and I used to dread it.

Rami Brignac
Mills Cashway Pharmacy

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