NEW: Take Control of DIR Fees in Real Time with iMedicare

iMedicare now lowers your DIR fees, right when filling
an Rx in your pharmacy system

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Real-time Integration with Your Pharmacy System

When filling a prescription for a patient that has an opportunity to lower DIR fees, a contextual alert will pop up with a link straight to iMedicare, without needing to log in. This is included in your subscription cost, no additional charges!

Targeted Star Ratings Report

This platform identifies your patients that have low adherence on Diabetes, Statins, or Blood Pressure medications. We know which Star Rating measures impact your clawbacks for each Medicare plan, and can prioritize to bring the most important ones to your attention. Then, you can set up an automatic refill reminder for future maintenance prescriptions.

MTM Opportunities With DIR Impact

All Medication Therapy Management (MTM) cases are important, but some are specifically tied to Star Rating measures that impact your DIR fees. We identify those “DIR Impact” opportunities to save you time.

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