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How much is my Part D late enrollment fee?

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Late Enrollment Penalty is calculated by multiplying 1% of the "national base beneficiary premium" ($35.02 in 2018) times the number of full, uncovered months you didn't have Part D or creditable coverage (but were eligible). The monthly premium is rounded to the nearest $.10 and added to your monthly Part D premium.

Who is affected?

You may owe a late enrollment penalty if, for any continuous period of 63 days or more after your Initial Enrollment Period is over, you go without one of these:

  • A Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)
  • A Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) (like an HMO or PPO)
  • Another Medicare health plan that offers Medicare prescription drug coverage
  • Creditable prescription drug coverage

Dual Eligible/ Extra Help recipients are exempt.

When do I find out my penalty?

When you enroll in a Medicare Part D plan, the provider will tell you if you owe a penalty and what your total premium will be. Click here for additional details on the Part D Late Enrollment Penalty, including the process for "reconsideration".

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